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Stuff You Should Watch

It's near the end of summer and I can't figure where the time has gone. I mean, I did stuff. There were even other people there for most of it who can verify, but the summer seems to have flown more than usual.

In the midst of more and more weighty family concerns, (Miraculously, my side seems fine, it's Herself's family that seems to attract the drama) I've decided to take this time to relay a delightful happenstance that led to one of my favorite, recent "I should have listened" moments.

Occasionally, the "Not-TiVo" (read the AT&T U-verse box) is dumb and either doesn't record what it should, or records what it shouldn't. Not the box's fault. It usually has to do with a schedule change that the powers that be don't bother to kick up or down the chain, so that program details don't get updated.

No big deal there, and in this case, a happy accident because I ended up seeing episodes of "Avatar: The Last Air Bender", when I hadn't intended to. Here's the thing though:

I should have known. I should have known, and in fact DID know, because a certain bodhran-whacking whistley-noodling artist friend of mine told me how good it was, and she's not usually wrong about pop culture stuff.

Well thank you Nickelodeon for running three episodes a night! I even like the pop-up video style commentary that lends little notes to the production of the show.

I've seen the whole thing now and am looking forward to a second go-round.

Not into non-anime animation? Shame on you!

1) Katara's eyes are plenty big.
2) There's plenty of anime and other eastern influences to satisfy any yearning for "non-western" cred.
3) Character and world design are both fantastic.
4) There is (wait for it) character development that is both reasonable and poignant
5) The original cartoon has NOTHING to do with M. Night Shamylaminamonon.




Semper Fi-


Saint Patrick's Day Plans?

So, we like to go see the band "Blackthorn" from time to time at O'Mara's in Berkley. Recently, we had a good crowd at a gig and the manager came up to one of our "Elder Statesmen" and made an offer.

If you guys can guarantee 85 people, we'll close for the day, and it's all yours."

Needless to say, challenge accepted. Max capacity is 150, so we would like to fill the place, and I've been asked to open the gates to get as many people in as possible.

There is a 30 dollar cover, BUT: That includes food and a tip for the staff. Drinks are not covered.

That might seem like a lot, but consider; it's a great venue, you're guaranteed a seat, people will make sure that you eat, and it's a "High-Wit" environment. At any other bar on Pat's Day, you'll pay at least $20 cover to get crammed in a corner with people you don't know, let alone like!

If you're interested, let me know!

Semper Fi-


To quote Krusty the Klown...


Just got word from the Seaholm Forensics Coach that my two ringers (one a former state champ and one a girl who could be great if she grew up a little) won't be competing this year. I was really hoping that Aubrie would be around for her senior year, but I know that last season wasn't what she wanted it to be.

The good news is that I've got four shiny new broadcasters who want to give things a shot. Time will tell if I can actually coach or if I've just been blessed with talented kids for the last few years...


Now with 50% more Bad Ass!

Herself takes great delight in laughing about my man-crush on Sean Bean and also Liam Neeson, and I've written about the Irishman's propensity to play Mentor/Icon types before, but whilst catching up on my surfing (I got swallowed into a sea of Star Craft and Star Wars gaming, with a bit of L5R thrown in for fun) I came across a note about the filming of a re-make of Clash of the Titans.

I could really care less, though the original is one of the last movies (if not the last) to feature the work of the legendary Ray Harrihousen for the stop-motion effects, and Andromeda was a babe.

However...what caught my attention was this:


To review: 1)Learned how to live on within the Force (Qui-Gon Jinn) Check.
2)Trained Batman (Ra's Al Guhl) Check.
3)Might as well be Jesus as a kick-ass lion (Aslan) Check.
4)King of the Frakking Gods!

Behold Liam Neeson as Zeus!

See ya down the road, Mijo

Patrick Swayze died a couple days ago of pancreatic cancer. Scary. I'm not a huge fan of Swayze's work. I mean ok, I SAW Dirt Dancing, and I agree that "No one puts Baby in the corner." (Still miss Jerry Orbach by the way). Next of Kin is surprisingly fun, and who doesn't love Red Dawn?

But for me, it's all about Road House. One of three movies that I KNOW are bad, but I love; the other two being Down Periscope and Necessary Roughness.

So here's to ya, Dalton. I'll miss you.

Semper Fi-

Dear Champions Online...

When you host an open Beta, I humbly suggest that you support a number of hardware loads, so that I don't have to have a tricked out game-centric system to run your Beta.

I'd love to test your game. I might even be willing to pay for it, but the bottom line is that my current system runs the game you'll be competing against just fine RIGHT NOW, so odds are, I'm going to stick with them.

Hope the Beta goes well.

Semper Fi-

I call Shinanigens!

Finished watching Torchwood:Children of Earth. Great British Drama. High stakes, Welsh accents, Capn' Jack in his cool coat...and then a bullshit character turn that essentially turns Jack back into the ass (lovable though he was) that he was when the shooting match started four plus years ago.

Reminds me of the wonderful, and ultimately futile ending to Peter David's Captain Marvel run in the early 00's. Took a slacker character, turned him into a rich, complex hero, and ended with him throwing up his hands and saying..."Yep, I pretty much suck."

Yep. Pissed. Don't want the time back. Glad I watched it, but honestly...

Semper Fi-

(whether it's easy or not)

More Tron fun...

This comes from ComicCon. Youtube footage of a familiar arcade and a killer soundtrack.

I hope Journey got a check.

-End of Line-

Semper Fi


This Is For Craiger

This footage was originally seen about a year ago (or more) at Comic-con, but now it's got a Disney header, and doesn't look all crappy.

End of Line-

-Follow the link-


Semper Fi-


Sean Bean is at it again!

You probably already know that I don't read much fantasy. I'm much more a sci-fi/thriller guy, but thanks to my buddy JL, I got hooked into George R.R. Martin's "The Song of Ice and Fire". As of now, we're waiting for the latest book to come out, which should be soon.

In the meantime, there's been a lot of talk (which as it turns out is not just talk) about HBO picking up the books as a series. George keeps a livejournal, but no facebook or myspace. At any rate, he posted recently that Ned Stark (For the most part, the honorable one in the books) will be played by none other than Sean Bean of Sharpe fame.

Good on ya, Sean, and go Sheffield!

Semper Fi-


If you've read the books, then the casting of Sean as Ned is oh so appropriate.